Central Arkansas Family Finds a Way Home

Mar 25, 2022 | by Ashley Hooten

Mark and Nancy* were in a bad financial situation after an operation. They had to move from their house to a motel, and paying daily for the motel was very challenging. Nancy was working, and Mark sold smoked turkey legs to help. Unfortunately, the pandemic made their financial situation worse.


Nancy says, "Living at the Salvation Army gives us the opportunity to focus on rebuilding. We know this is just a small chapter in our lives. I never thought we would be in this situation. We never stayed at a shelter before, but it's reassuring to have support from The Salvation Army."


Their goals are to have their own home, pay their own bills and help others as they have been helped.


Mark and Nancy are Center of Hope shelter clients. They are engaging with The Salvation Army's Road to Sustainability program.


*Names have been changed to protect clients' privacy.

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