The Salvation Army of Georgia Celebrates Bainbridge Facility Expansion

May 2, 2023

A heartwarming dedication ceremony marked the completion of the expansion and renovation of The Salvation Army Service Center located at 600 South Scott Street in Bainbridge, Georgia. The event was attended by a supportive crowd from the community, Bainbridge Mayor Edward Reynolds, Karen Tobin (Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce President), The Salvation Army’s Divisional Commander, Major Algerome “Al” Newsome, General Secretary, Major James Allison, Jim Morrow, Divisional Service Extension Director, and Merreann McDonald, the Bainbridge Service Center Director.

The ceremony was kicked off with the Bainbridge High School Band playing the Star-Spangled Banner while the Bainbridge High School Junior Air Force ROTC color guard presented the American flag.

Major Newsome delivered an inspiring message on the dedication and unity it took to accomplish the renovation and expansion, referencing Ecclesiastes 4:9: "Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed." Major Newsome said, "I believe that with the strength of The Salvation Army, and this community, and our Lord Jesus Christ, 'a three-fold cord', there is not anything that we can't accomplish together in this community."

The building renovation and expansion included remodeling and expanding office space, 1,700 square feet of new warehouse space that was vitally needed for extra storage and to house the Bainbridge Salvation Army emergency disaster canteen (a mobile kitchen), and a box truck; a food pantry, and increased storage area for the Family Store.

According to Jim Morrow, The Salvation Army of Georgia's Service Center Extension Director, the desire for the expansion and renovation was prompted by the increased needs of the community after Hurricane Michael and COVID-19. He added, "It is a blessing to see a community come together behind the shield of The Salvation Army and work alongside each other to make this community a better place for everybody that lives here."

Mayor Reynolds praised The Salvation Army for their valuable services to the community and their unwavering commitment to serve those in need for the past 30 years. In affirmation of The Salvation Army, Mayor Reynolds stated, “We can all look back to floods, tornadoes, and major, major events that affect our community, but to me, the most important thing is the thing they do every day, and they serve those individuals that are lost in our community as a beacon of hope.”

Overall, the expansion and renovation of the Bainbridge Service Center will enable The Salvation Army to continue to serve the community and do the most good to the most people in need as it continues to be an essential resource for individuals and families impacted by disasters and difficult times.

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