The Courage of Second Chances

Jan 12, 2023

The Salvation Army of Greenville is a place for second chances. It’s a safe haven where people can come when they have nowhere to go, and they feel all hope is lost - because here, hope is alive and available to everyone.

Shawn is a current resident of our Men’s Shelter. Despite his modified mobility due to an amputated leg, Shawn is adamant about not receiving disability benefits from the government. He has work skills to offer, yet he was having difficulty finding sustainable employment due to previous negative life experiences and his physical limitations.

Shawn asked to apply for one of the vacant positions within The Salvation Army’s Men’s Shelter, working alongside Shelter Resident Manager, Gonza Bryant. After completing the interview process, Shawn is now working as part of The Salvation Army team to help others get back on their feet.

On the surface, The Salvation Army provides emergency housing to those without a safe place to rest. But dig deeper, and you’ll find this is a story of opportunity. Shawn was in need of a second chance, and he’s putting in the work to establish boundaries and goals for himself to achieve. While the employment position is not a permanent one, it’s the opportunity Shawn needs to gain confidence and job skills he can take forward in his journey. 

Bright things can come from dark places, if we have the courage to look beyond what’s in front of us to see the gifts someone can offer. The Salvation Army of Greenville believes in second chances, and we’re grateful for the support you provide that helps create them. 

Pictured: Shawn shares his story of finding a second chance through The Salvation Army of Greenville. 

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