Juneteenth, Captain Hewitt

Jun 19, 2020 | by Captain Shimei Hewitt

It is no coincidence that the Juneteenth proclamation celebration is in the exact same year The Salvation Army was officially recognized in 1865. The mandate of fighting for the freedom of souls, and breaking injustice is intricately interwoven into the mission and purpose of our Salvation Army. This mandate is not merely from our Founder, William Booth. It is a divine cry from Almighty God, prescribed in Isaiah 64:10. God has anointed us as His people to “preach the gospel, to set at liberty those who are captives.”

This is a pivotal time for every leader and soldier in The Salvation Army, from the General right down to the church member and Junior Solider. To pray for forgiveness and healing, to fast for our brokenness and indifference, and to actively speak up as God’s mouthpieces like our founder. The time is now to bring about real social, physical, spiritual change.

In the past, many Christians/Salvationists did nothing to combat racism and inequality in the United States. Today is the day to have a new start and be God’s voice, hands, and feet for black suffering brothers. Like Esther, who knows if “you have come into the kingdom for such a time as this?”


Captain Shimei Hweitt is a Salvation Army officer serving in Charlotte, NC

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