Sharell's Story

Jan 20, 2023

“I was in an unhealthy relationship and I came to a realization that I needed to leave. I didn’t just leave the town, I left the state. It was a must that I did that, for my kids. I got on the road and I came to North Carolina.”

Determine to keep her kids safe, Sharell formed a plan to start a new life. When she got the chance to leave, she took it. But within a week of her arrival, all of her resources fell through.

“We didn’t have anywhere to go and no help from anyone. So, I drove around to different places, called different places, and somehow, I got led to The Salvation Army. They told me to be here by seven o’clock because they had another family on call. They told me if I could make it there, they would have a room for us. I packed up my stuff and my kids as quick as I could and got there by seven o’clock. They welcomed us with open arms.”

Sharell started staying at The Salvation Army Center of Hope. She was given a family room, so she and her children could stay together and make sure they had a safe place to sleep at night. She was also assigned a caseworker to help her find a stable job, housing, and daycare.

But she still struggled to find her fit. “I was very lost. I’m in a whole different other state and I didn’t know anyone. I had nothing. I just had my kids.” 

After a few months of support from The Salvation Army and community partners, Sharell’s life started to come together. She found stability through a great job that helped support her family, reliable transportation, and housing.

She says the most important thing is, is today she and her kids are safe. There is peace in second chances.

“I feel that I am at peace. I don’t feel like I’m running anymore. I don’t feel lost anymore. Everything is starting to come together. I’m starting to see the reason why God has brought me this far.”

Today, Sharell and her family are thriving. She thanks God that The Salvation Army answered her call that day. They gave her a pathway to and a new life that was safe and secure. Her time at the shelter set a foundation for her family’s new life.

“When you see the sign Center of Hope, it gives you hope. It means hope for the future, it means shelter, it means change. It means love to me. I’ve gotten all of that from this place, especially from my case manager. Love her. She was alway there for me, supporting me and encouraging me with loving, kind words. This place means a lot to me and I would recommend anyone to come here.”

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