We offer services to every zip code in AR & OK Image

We offer services to every zip code in AR & OK

How We Help

Every day, we help thousands of people throughout the Arkansas & Oklahoma Division. We offer unique, local programs, designed to meet the specific needs of each community we serve. Explore the ways we provide services to every ZIP code in the Arkansas & Oklahoma Division or find your nearest location to discover local programming.

Christmas Assistance

The Salvation Army recognizes that holidays can bring added financial and emotional stress for families in need. We offer a variety of services to help families and individuals make it through more difficult holiday seasons. Learn More Here

Help Disaster Survivors

When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army responds quickly, mobilizing its officers, employees, and volunteers wherever needed to immediately and effectively provide emergency services to victims and emergency responders.Learn More Here

Helping the Homeless

At The Salvation Army, we have an open door policy when it comes to those needing help with housing - whether they need a place to rest their head inside our doors or need help finding a way to stay in their own home. All are welcome, and every night, we help thousands of men, women, youth and children sleep safely and dream of a better tomorrow. Learn More Here


Where We Serve


We are the Arkansas & Oklahoma Division, which serves communities in our two state region. We’re one of the Divisions in the Southern Territory in the U.S. and part of an International organization, headquartered in London. The other U.S. territories are: West, East and Central. Our Division consists of 27 centers for worship and over 50 social services centers. These are the hubs where service to members of the community actually occurs. Our doors are open to all.


Quality Services

The Salvation Army's Arkansas & Oklahoma Divisional Headquarters conducts an internal process that provides review of all programs to ensure client satisfaction, program quality and that The Salvation Army National Social Services Standards are being followed with the oversight of a licensed Social Worker.

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