Sand Springs' Boys & Girls Club "Night Of Stars" Event Raises Funds For Club Development

Mar 30, 2023 | by Chris Johnson

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Sand Springs hosted their annual "Army of Stars" banquet and fundraiser, an event that was held at the DiscoveryLand Ranch last Thursday. The evening was filled with joy and celebration as guests enjoyed a silent auction, listened to speeches from various speakers, and honored two prominent figures in the club's community.

The event was not only a moment of fun, but it also served a higher purpose. All proceeds from the fundraiser were directed towards the improvement of the club's property and facilities. This is a clear indication that the club values the welfare of its members and the environment in which they operate.

The highlight of the evening was the honoring of "Stars," Terry Young (who attended The Club in his youth) and Charlie Durham, both Advisory Council members and Property Committee co-chairs for the club. It is heartwarming to see individuals who have dedicated their time and resources to make a difference in the lives of young people in their community. The event provided an opportunity to acknowledge their selfless contribution and appreciate their impact.

Another highlight of the event was a presentation by Sand Springs' City Manager, Mike Carter. With his in-depth knowledge of the area's economic landscape, Mr. Carter provided the attendees with valuable insights into the companies that are making a move into the region and the projects that are in the pipeline. It is crucial to have such information, especially for individuals and businesses who are considering investing in the area. Mr. Carter's presentation was an excellent opportunity for the community to get a glimpse of the economic progress that Sand Springs is making and what the future holds for the region.

The Youth of the Year, Peyton Branson, also shared inspiring words with the guests, giving insight into how the club has transformed her life and the lives of other young people in the community. The speech was a reminder of the critical role that such clubs play in the development of children.

Overall, the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Sand Springs' "Army of Stars" banquet and fundraiser was a success, serving both as a moment of celebration and a platform to raise funds for the improvement of the club's facilities. The event was an excellent way of bringing the community together in support of a noble cause.

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