Item #68: Be a Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Nov 21, 2023 | by Christina Howsley

A Mother's Tribute: Honoring Her Daughter's Legacy by Completing her Heartfelt Bucket List

Today I had the privilege of meeting Marilyn Fritts and hearing the story of her journey to complete a bucket list that was left behind by her daughter, Meagan.  Meagan was a vibrant young woman who, at the tender age of 34, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer.  Tragically, Meagan’s body had a severe adverse reaction to a drug that was prescribed to help her battle the cancer and she passed away October 21, 2023.

Marilyn showed up with a huge smile and dressed up in her Christmas gear to take on the task of completing item #68 on Meagan’s bucket list: Be a Salvation Army Bell Ringer.  Marilyn visited with customers and shared memories of Meagan and of the adventures she had been on through her journey of completing items on the list.  With every detail you could sense and feel the special bond that was shared between mother and daughter and how they both had caring hearts, loved to travel, and lived life to the fullest.  A host of other family and friends have also Registered to Ring in Meagan’s memory at various locations around Arkansas and in other states, within the group name “Meagan Loves Christmas.”

It was truly an honor to meet Marilyn and to listen to stories about Meagan as she grew up and to also learn about the adventures she has been on as she checks one number at a time off Meagan’s “Bucket List”.  I feel it is important to share that Marilyn had no idea Meagan had started a “bucket list” and only found the list after Meagan had passed away.  Marilyn believes that based off some of the early items on the list, Meagan was 15 or 16 when she started the list and must have just kept adding new items as she grew older.

Marilyn’s wish is to increase awareness of Colon Cancer and the increasing cases among younger adults. She would like to encourage younger adults to get regular check-ups and to know the signs and symptoms to look for. To join Marilyn in honoring her daughter Meagan, by volunteering to ring bells this season, visit 

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