Faces of the Army: John Stamps

Mar 26, 2024

Ask anyone in Birmingham about John Stamps; they'll likely have plenty to say. John, a lifelong resident of the area, has served his community for more than two decades as a valuable member of The Salvation Army. After starting his career in social work, he joined The Salvation Army in 2002 as the Director of Social Services. Following a decade of service, he smoothly transitioned to Director of Operations, which he has held for the past twelve years.

"My time at The Salvation Army has given me a great opportunity to express my faith in a way that touches people where they are," he said. "I'm not a preacher, so I can't, you know, stand up in the pulpit and deliver a sermon, but I can help people through my service."

John is a dedicated individual who is passionate about providing opportunities for others to improve their lives. Throughout his day, he often encounters many unique situations, but he always strives to make a positive impact no matter the challenge.

"Every day is different, so I try to remain flexible. We aim to let people know that God truly cares for them and wants to see them in a better place than where they are right now." 

The desire to see people gain access to the services offered by The Salvation Army permeates every part of his work. Whether it is the Center of Hope, educational training, job placement, food assistance, or many other programs, John is grateful for the chance to touch lives for the cause of Christ. Under his leadership, the team has served almost 12,000 people in the past year alone, making a significant difference in the community.

"I couldn't do it without the staff and the support of the leadership here," he stated. "We are a wonderful team. Nothing would happen without everyone’s support.” 

Married for 26 years, john and his wife, Lillian, are the proud parents of two children. One serves as a Birmingham police officer, and the other attends the University of Alabama. His eyes light up when he talks about them, but so does hearing the stories of past people that the ministry has blessed. "I go to the store, and they will come up to me just to tell me how much better their life is now. And that is because God has allowed us as The Salvation Army to affect change in our community." 

"I believe we can push people closer to Jesus or farther away every day," he said. "I just want to keep nudging people in the right direction." Judging by how people speak about The Salvation Army in Birmingham, it's evident that John Stamps is doing just that.

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