Mary Elizabeth's Story

Jan 17, 2023 | by Shelley Henderson

Mary Elizabeth is a busy single mom with two daughters ages nine and two and has a good job working as a court mediator. Her sister passed away tragically, leaving behind an infant son. Mary Elizabeth worked to gain full custody of the baby, but soon afterward, learned that he had a genetic eye disorder that would leave him fully blind by the age of five. Mary Elizabeth knew she did not earn enough money to pay the rent and bills and the baby’s mounting medical bills and still have enough money for Christmas gifts. She heard from a friend that The Salvation Army helped families at Christmas. She decided to call and make an appointment at her local Salvation Army.

“I didn’t want to ask anyone for help,” said Mary Elizabeth. “I thought I could do it on my own, but finally realized I needed some support so I could take care of my family.”

Mary Elizabeth soon met with The Salvation Army’s case manager. The case manager quickly realized the family needed more than help for Christmas and provided them with food, warm clothing, and diapers and formula for the baby.

Mary Elizabeth and her case manager talked for over an hour during her appointment. She unburdened her heart – all of her worries about the children, the devastating loss of her sister, her concerns about being a good mom through the challenges her family had ahead of them. They prayed together and her case manager assured her that The Salvation Army would be there for her and her family, during Christmas and beyond. Mary Elizabeth left The Salvation Army that afternoon with much more than food, clothing, and gifts for her children. She left with God’s gift of hope, comfort, and peace. 

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