From Academic Probation To The Honor Roll--Success At The Boys & Girls Club

Jun 27, 2022 | by Bob Campbell

Two years ago the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the planet, disrupting every aspect of our daily lives. No one had their lives disrupted more than the students across the nation who suddenly found their schools shut and their classes abruptly moving online.

At The Salvation Army Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club of Winston-Salem, the pandemic lockdown forced staff to change the way they implemented programs. They immediately pivoted from the usual after school care they provide on a daily basis to all day programs and a Remote Learning Center for club members whose classes were no longer in person.

For the children, the transition to online learning was a herculean task (Imagine 60 children in 26 schools, taking online classes at the same time, scattered around different rooms at the club). Having to sit at a proper socially distanced six feet from other kids, using a school provided tablet computer with headsets provided by a generous donor, they did their best to keep up with their lessons.

For some of them, it was a nearly impossible task. After the first quarter of this school year, young Halley was on academic probation. Club staff member Yvonne Floyd says, "Haley started off 1st quarter really struggling because she wouldn't complete her schoolwork. Once first quarter report cards came out, she had all D's & F's. I talked with her grandmother and told her my concerns and told them how important it was for her to improve or she could possibly be repeating the fourth grade."

Ms. Yvonne, as she is known to the kids, went to work on helping Halley get back on track. She encouraged Halley to be more responsible for her schoolwork and not be afraid to ask for help. She communicated with her teachers and checked in with Halley each week to make sure she was completing her assignments and helping her when she had difficulty. By the time second quarter report cards came out Halley had made the honor roll with all A's and B's! "When I showed Halley her report card she was in shock!" says Yvonne. "I told her with staying focused and making sure she completes all of her assignments, she can succeed and do anything she puts her mind to. I am very proud of her and her determination to succeed and holding herself accountable for her education."

The motto of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is, "Great Futures Start Here". Ms. Yvonne concludes, "In order for you to be successful, great futures start here with you completing your academics!"

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, helping children create Great Futures for more than 80 years.

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