Better Is There

Feb 24, 2023

By Lauren Stephens, Director of Social Services

When many people think of what The Salvation Army of Greenville does in our community, they might think of how we help those experiencing hardship by providing physical, mental and spiritual resources to them. They may envision someone who has lost a job, someone experiencing homelessness or food insecurity, or someone struggling to pay their rent on time and is at risk of eviction.

But what they might not see is our commitment to serve all who are lost, in ways they may not even know they needed. 

Sometimes, even those who work with us experience some of the financial hardships and emotional struggles we see in the clients we serve. Recently, I noticed two of our weekend male shelter monitors were wearing clothes that were tattered and worn. I believe that how you dress sometimes is a direct reflection of how you feel.

So, I asked them each for their clothes sizes. I also asked them to name their favorite color, as well as one they liked the least. Then I went to The Salvation Army Family Store with a clothing voucher to pick out a variety of styled outfits for each of them. 

We provide clothing vouchers to individuals and families in need to one of our four Family Stores so they can select gently used, good condition clothing, shoes, or homegoods that others have donated.

It’s just another way we work to support people where they are, when they need it most, to help them get back on their feet.

I selected clothing I thought each gentleman would like and feel comfortable wearing. I wanted them to know they are seen, and that they aren’t looked over or passed by. I wanted them to be able to feel the confidence we have in them as part of The Salvation Army family, and then mirror that forward into the clients they help serve.

After trying on their new clothes, each of them expressed incredible gratitude for the gift. They admitted they hadn’t wanted to ask for help, or to take away from what someone else might’ve needed.

But I wanted them to see and believe, "Better is there."

“Better” is available to them, and to anyone who’s ready to do the work they need to do to put one foot forward in their journey.

At The Salvation Army of Greenville, we believe love has a trickle down effect. We love beyond the worn out clothes someone might be wearing. We love beyond someone’s trauma and past negative experiences. When we love someone beyond what we see on the outside, we believe it carries forward to create new pathways for healing to take place. 

To learn more about what items you can donate to The Family Stores, or to schedule a pick up from your location, click here. Your donations today can help change someone’s tomorrow for the better. 

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