Employee Spotlight: Dane Boudreau

Mar 7, 2023

Dane Boudreau serves as Visitor Experience and Outreach Director for The Salvation Army Ray & Joan Kroc Community Center in Greenville (www.krocgreenville.org). In his role, he oversees the marketing, membership, child watch, volunteerism, visitor and member experience, and community outreach for the Kroc Center.

He consistently speaks with community leaders and organizations to grow awareness about the Kroc Center in our community. He frequently checks in with Kroc Center patrons to ensure the facility and staff are providing the best experience in town for members and visitors. He also works with the community to ensure the Kroc Center is accessible and available to all.

Dane said, “My favorite part about working for The Salvation Army is how we can positively affect so many lives from so many different backgrounds in so many different ways. Whether you receive social services through our shelters, are focusing on your fitness and physical health at the Kroc Center, need a place to worship through our church community, or attend one of the unique community events we offer, The Salvation Army truly makes a huge impact on so many individuals, every single day.”

Dane finds his biggest inspiration from his father, who spent his career as an educator and director for the National Education Association, and is a dedicated volunteer in his community in Illinois. 

“He has always been selfless in thought and is the first person to help anyone. I remember once as a young man, it was downpouring outside and we were at the mall as a family. When we left, there was a man who was without a home or transportation, and he needed help with a ride. While my mother, brother, and I were a bit concerned with our safety of giving this person a ride, my dad walked up to him and asked him if he could help with a ride and get him out of the rain. This is one example amongst many others in my life that have really pushed me in my professional career to help people, which is why my entire career has been in the nonprofit sector.” 

When Dane is not working, he’s very active in his free time. He and his wife frequently go hiking, biking, rock climbing and snowboarding. He’s also an avid golfer. Dane enjoys volunteering at community events such as Fall For Greenville because, “it’s such a great opportunity to meet others in your area and serve side by side with them.”

Drop by the Kroc Center located at 424 Westfield Street in Greenville soon and say hello to Dane! We are grateful for his contributions to The Salvation Army of Greenville. 

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