Donna's Story

Sep 8, 2022

“You can survive anything if you’ve got hope.”

So many people who cross through the doors of The Salvation Army of Greenville carry burdens they did not create themselves. One thing we see within the lives of our friends we serve is the enduring power of hope, that ever-present spark of resilience.

It’s that spark that ignites the fire that bends the iron cage built by a life of trauma. You see, iron bends under intense heat, but it does not burn or disintegrate. It becomes more malleable and turns into something even more beautiful under pressure, refined even.

We share the story of Donna, a recent resident of our Women’s Shelter, who found herself in a moment of answered prayer. Like many individuals we serve, Donna has endured incredible pain and lived within realities she did not choose.

Before coming to us, Donna found herself in a tough place after her mother’s death, whom she also lived with and cared for up until her passing.

Before this event, Donna and her mother had suffered from her father’s abuse for decades. Donna always prayed that she and her mother would both be freed from his abuse, and years later, her father was murdered. Through that tragedy, Donna and her mother were free.

As we learned recently from Donna, “You can survive anything if you’ve got hope.”

Donna promised her mother after her father’s death that she would never leave; she would protect her for the rest of her life. She did just that. During the years that followed Donna’s father’s death, she became connected with a church in Pickens that kept an eye on Donna and her mom. When Donna’s mother passed away in 2021, it left Donna without her person and, sadly, without a home.

Because of Donna’s connection to that local church, she was met with a safety net that bridged her to The Salvation Army of Greenville. Her story from the beginning has shown that it takes more than one organization to assist someone with a fresh start. It takes love and compassion to ensure that they, too, believe in their worth and value.

Now Donna has an income, she has someone designated to help her manage her monthly income now, and as of this month, Donna has a home. Her story is a beautiful example of what our theme of ‘Love Beyond’ means, put in action.

We are called to serve one another, without discrimination, in the name of Jesus Christ. We hope you will support The Salvation Army’s effort to provide for those in need when they need it most. Donate to The Salvation Army of Greenville today.

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