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Rebalance. Recover. Refocus.

Our programs provide the tools to treat the symptoms - and the root causes - of alcohol and drug dependence.

Rebuilding Lives.

The Salvation Army of Northwest Arkansas’ (CSRC) Rehabilitation program offers men an opportunity to re-balance, re-cover, and re-focus while preparing to re-enter the world without alcohol or drug dependency but with Christ as their center of focus.

Treatment must be individualized to each beneficiary. We help each client deal with the entire spectrum of life and to increase their skills in coping with dissatisfaction. We will endeavor to provide compassionate, professional services to individuals experiencing dysfunction, without discrimination.

How we help combat addiction

Program Components:

  • Assessments
  • Individual mentoring
  • Therapeutic recreation
  • Daily devotion and prayer
  • Weekly worship
  • Work therapy
  • Nightly classes which include Bible study, group therapy and AA meetings.

Entrance Requirements

This program is open to men who need recovery and have a desire to change.
There is no cost for this 6-month program.

  • Complete In Take Application
  • Provide valid photo I.D.
  • Take a TB Test ($20)
  • Substance Free Living Commitment
  • Living on-site for 6 months
  • No overnight stays for first 60 days
  • Program is currently open to men ages 18 – 65

External Care
At the individual’s request, our staff will participate in an ongoing exchange of client information with referral sources including medical, counseling, jobs, courts, therapists, etc.

If you would like to know more about this program, please contact Brandon Smith at 479-521-2151.


Other Ways We Meet Needs