Sharing The Good News in Rome, Georgia…

Mar 26, 2019

This is what success looks like.

Janice entered our shelter homeless, jobless and without transportation. What she did have was determination. While here she was able to maintain Hope and use the Opportunity of a safe place to lay her head, food for her body and people who came alongside her who believed in her. Within 13 days Janice was in the hiring process and in another 2 weeks had a full time job with benefits. Working second shift and walking to and from work she decided to save money for a bicycle. With her first pay check Janice purchased a heavy duty bike lock and a headlight for the bike that she knew was on its way. After 2 more pay checks she was able to buy this beautiful bike. 2 pay checks later found Janice moving out of the shelter and into a shared housing opportunity.

Hope + Opportunity = Success

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