Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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Never Miss a Chance to Do the Most Good

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The Salvation Army Southern Territories’ Corrections ministries were already a part of Salvation Army programming prior to the opening of the Southern Territory in 1927. One of the best-established outreach programs was in McAlester, Oklahoma at the state prison in the early 1920’s.  Visitation led to several inmates to become soldiers of the corps. 

Major Fred Ladlow was appointed chaplain the federal penitentiary in Atlanta in 1927, which was the largest federal penitentiary in the United States at the time.  He had been a chaplain earlier at the Indiana State Reformatory in Jeffersonville when he was a corps officer in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Another correctional service, parole and/or community service supervision, has been quite prominent in the territory in places such as Texas and Florida.  The Men’s Fellowship Club got its start in North Carolina in the 1950’s as groups of men who were paroled into the charge of the corps officers there.  Continued effort in correctional service today is the bible course since the Word can change the heart and meet the need of released, which offer the probation and residential reentry services as similar to transitional housing program of Florida and death row ministry of Texas. 



The ministry is to offer various avenues of services which offer restoration and hope to the individual behind the bar through the transforming love of Jesus Christ.  We offer the bible course reaching out many lost individuals who need to know the love of Christ, so these changed hearts may be added to the Kingdom of God.


Bible Courses 

The Salvation Army’s Bible Correspondence Courses are guided learning tools that provide each student with biblical knowledge that forms the foundation for increased insight to one’s purpose and meaning in life.   

The goal is to motivate participants to: 

  1. Read the Bible regularly 
  2. Apply the biblical message to their daily living 
  3. Seek a deeper personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. 

We offer three categories of bible courses that includes Reflective Course (5), Introductory Course (3), Basic Course (6)  and Advance Course (5) in English and Spanish version.

This series consists of five courses are written in an interactive journaling format which offers reflective exercises to assist participants in their growing relationship with God.   The following is the title of five reflective courses: 


Beginning Your Journey         

Considering Change         

Taking the Next Step         

On the Path         

Carrying On 

This series of four courses are written in daily exercises of gospel context of pre-amble bible study and personal reflection to assist participants in their understanding of gospel and plan of God.  The following is the title of four introductory courses:   

Introductory Course I  

(Forgiveness, Prayer, and reflective) 

Introductory Course II  

(Grace, Love, and reflective) 

Introductory Course III   

(Trust, Faith, and reflective) 

Introductory Course IV – Prayer

The lesson is using the ’31 days of Prayer’ book as assigned reading and referenced bible verses within each chapter of the book to gain the habit of properly and naturally communicating with God.

This series consists with six courses that are written in theme basis. 


(12 lessons) 

Begins with a study of the term “Gospel” and then continues to the birth of John the Baptist, the birth of Christ, His ministry, death, and resurrection.   The course concludes with a look at the Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment of these prophecies as they relate to Christ.   


(12 lessons) 

Is a study of God’s plan for man.  The study covers creation through the plan of salvation.  Lessons follow on faith, the Holy Spirit, prayer, reading the bible, Christian giving, and Christian service. 


(12 lessons) 

Covers the beginning of the church, its growth, Paul’s missionary journeys, the Epistles, and an overview of Revelations.  


(12 lessons) 

Start with a lesson on the layout of the Bible.  Then the lessons turn to the following studies on the creation and fall, Noah, Abraham, the Patriarchs, Jacob, and Joseph. 


(12 lessons) 

Studies Moses, the wilderness journey, the priesthood, promised land judge.  It then continues with Samuel, David, Solomon, the fall and captivity of the nation of Israel.  The course concludes with a study of the four major prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel, as well as then minor prophets. 


(18 lessons) 

Begins with a study in the Old Testament including creation, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Exodus, the promised land, Samuel and return from exile.  The course continues in the New Testament with a study of the Gospels, Jesus’s ministry, betrayal, and arrest.  The course concludes with the beginning of the church through a study in Acts with illustrates the lives of people being transformed. Lesson 18 guides the student through scriptures which teach about living the Christian life. 

This series consists with five courses that are brief study on important theological themes.  

The Advent of Jesus Christ 

(10 lessons) 

Start with a study of advent, preparation of Jesus Christ, his birth at Christmas, and peoples appears to celebrate the advent.  

Footsteps to Calvary 

(8 lessons) 

Is a study of last week of Jesus Christ’s ministry traces prior to His death on a cross.  That leads us to understand the excruciating pain and agony that Jesus experienced in embracing a cross He did not deserve. 

A Brief Study of the Psalms 

(10 lessons) 

Is a poem or song for recalling events in Israel’s history that involved with the praise of God for his power and deliverance of Israel.  The psalms are repleted with memories of God’s faithfulness to his people. 

Tabernacle Types and Teachings 

(13 lessons) 

Starts with the overview of God’s plan for the redemption and salvation of His people.  Continue with the study of structure of Tabernacle and symbolic meaning of the Holy Tabernacle.   

The Priesthood Old & New 

(5 lessons) 

Is a study of the priesthood that God established the role to teach us about Jesus Christ, who will redeem all.   

Anyone can join our bible courses! 

Bible correspondence courses are offered to inmates in United States.  The inmate fills out an enrollment form which we provide to the chaplains, institutions or directly to the inmate if the institution desires or found in ‘War Cry’ magazine insert.   This form should be returned to The Salvation Army to be mailed the first course to the student. 

The inmate should return the completed course to The Salvation Army to be graded.  Once graded, the course, a certificate of completion and the next course book will be automatically returned to the student for continuation. 


"At times I feel that God was upset with me on past decisions I have made, but I've never stopped believing. I pray through this Bible Study course I'll connect and get back closer to him." 

“It has been a blessing to be able to renew the words of God in my life. There are some spiritual things that I had not fully reflected on as a part of how God wanted my walk in the Lord to be, and with every study I’ve found new ways to walk in the Lord that is pleasing to his sight, and to spiritually fight by prayer nearest evil, so I’m blessed to get this at this time of need where my spirit was drawn by the course of the world by Thank you, Its God.”

“In the wake of all that is going on, these studies have helped to keep me focused on Jesus Christ and his saving power instead of an all the fear that is surrounding us. Please pray that the people who have authority over us inmates be sensitive, receptive and caring about inmates.” 



The Salvation Army
Southern Territorial Headquarters
Correctional Ministry
1424 Northeast Expressway, NE
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