730 Future Officer Fellowship Weekend 2023

730 Future Officer Fellowship Weekend 2023 Image

Join us for a transformative weekend of fellowship, growth, and preparation as we gather aspiring officers from near and far. This special event is designed to equip and empower future ministry leaders with the knowledge, skills, and spiritual fortitude necessary to make a lasting impact. Through inspiring sessions, meaningful discussions, and heartfelt connections, participants will experience a deep sense of community and support as they embark on their journey toward becoming officers. Attendees will participate in unique chances to explore the campus of the Evangeline Booth College School for Officer Training. Don't miss this invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, grow in your faith, and gain the tools needed to shape a brighter future. Together, let's embrace the calling to serve, uplift one another, and ignite a flame of passion for the ministry that lies ahead.

730 Weekend brings recruits together for a transformative weekend of connection, growth, and preparation for future ministry. Don't miss this empowering opportunity!

Open to members of Community Worship Centers (Corps). Registration is required to attend.