2018 Applications for ISJC Internship

Apr 19, 2018 | by Brad Rowland

2018 Applications for ISJC Internship

The Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission (ISJC) invites applications from young, energetic, passionate Salvationists to participate in a one-year intern program at the ISJC based in New York City. This role is designed to prepare young adult Salvationists for ministry in the sphere of social justice – with an emphasis on research and resource development. Interns will learn the theological principles that underlie the commitment of The Salvation Army to social justice and how to apply those principles when they return home.

Duration: 12 months

Location: New York City

Closing date for applications: May 31, 2018

Note: Skype interviews will be held in early June

The interns are voluntary workers who support the work of the International Social Justice Commission and the International Moral and Social Issues Council. The internship is for a maximum period of 12 months. Due to visa restrictions, applicants for 2018-2019 must already be residents in the U.S. We are still working with the US government to secure approval to open applications to non-U.S. residents as soon as possible.

Education: Interns will be between 23-30 years of age with an undergraduate or master's degree.

Christian faith: Interns will be Salvationists who are committed to and live out the life of Christian discipleship which includes social justice and compassion. They will wear Salvation Army uniform. They will be willing and able to participate in and lead worship meetings.

Program details:

The interns are full time associate members of the ISJC staff and represent the ISJC at all times.

Interns will assist in developing briefing documents, reports and media statements regarding emerging and current issues of social injustice and ethics to support the work of The Salvation Army around the world. This includes supporting Salvation Army United Nations representatives in New York, Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi.

Interns will engage in research for the ISJC, developing knowledge in agreed topics from a social justice perspective. This research will help interns have an impact when they return home as well as resource The Salvation Army more widely.

Interns will be encouraged to develop networks. They will engage at the UN in New York and particularly aim to develop relationships with people at the UN from their country of origin. They will be encouraged to develop links with interns from other agencies. There is the potential to establish links with other agencies/NGOs on behalf of the ISJC.

Interns are expected to become involved in a Salvation Army corps in the Greater New York Division with reliable attendance and quality participation.

Key Tasks

To become conversant and updated on a broad range of issues of international social justice.

Develop their biblical and theological knowledge and understanding of the Christian/Salvation Army view of Social Justice.

Prepare and assist with material that will advance the research and work of the International Moral and Social Issues Council and the International Social Justice Commission.

Complete directed research studies and papers that can be used by The Salvation Army to highlight and to take action on areas of human injustice.

Assist in the development of briefing documents, reports and media statements regarding emerging and current issues of social injustice and ethics.

Assist in the development of training and resource materials on issues of social justice that can be utilized by the Salvation Army.

Assist in the development of material that will support the work of The Salvation Army, United Nations representatives in New York, Geneva, Vienna and elsewhere.

Attend and report on meetings at the UN and elsewhere on social justice related matters.

Attend and report on international conferences and meetings on social justice as directed.

Submit a written report on any meetings or conferences attended by the end of Friday of that same week.

Participate and be prepared to lead prayers at the ISJC and at the Church Center

Encourage Salvationists internationally in the pursuit of social justice.

Be an advocate and example of social justice.

Performance Review

Interns' performance will be reviewed quarterly using the Mission Accountability Framework (see Journey of Renewal for more information www.salvationarmy.org/accountability).

Financial Information:

The intern will stay in an apartment at the ISJC Midtown, Manhattan. An allowance is given by the ISJC to the Intern for food and basic personal expenses. The ISJC will cover the cost of travel in New York City and all approved work-related expenses. In addition, the ISJC will cover the cost of your travel from your home to NYC and a return fare at the end of 12 months.

Application Process:

Initially, any interested person should email IHQ-ISJC@salvationarmy.org. Include your resume and your testimony detailing your spiritual journey. Include any engagement with social justice and how you hope to benefit from your time at the ISJC.

After consideration of your written application, shortlisted candidates will be interviewed, probably via Skype. References will then be requested from:

Your corps officer

A local officer of your corps

Divisional commander (The territorial commander must be aware of the applicant's application as your territory is expected to stay engaged with you during your stay and when you return home.)

A workplace reference would be helpful but should not be sought if it might endanger your employment.

A maximum of two intern positions are available starting in fall of 2018 and ending 12 months later.

Further Information:

For further information please contact:

Captain Pierson Vincent

Telephone +1 212 758 0763

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