5 Ways Salvationist Service Corps will Change your Life

Mar 22, 2016 | by Meagan Hofer

5 Ways Salvationist Service Corps will Change your Life

YouthDownSouth recently announced the 2016 Salvationist Service Teams on facebook – (they will be serving in the Caribbean, Fiji, Poland, South Africa and our own territory in the South).  If you were shown a list of all the people who’ve gone on a SSC trip, you would be amazed at how many currently work for The Salvation Army, serve on a regular basis at their corps, or are officers. I am sure that those same individuals would say that SSC was a pivotal part of their journey.

Whether you went to Moldova in 1998, Brazil or Guatemala in 2008, or Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 I’m pretty sure you can relate to these five things.

1.  You grasp how big the Army you’re a part of actually is (we are in 127 countries FYI).

You’ll be amazed and encouraged.

2. Your life is enriched by experiencing a new culture.

Your eyes will be opened in a new way – with every dish you try – each new building you enter – by every person you meet.

3. You learn about unique programs the Army offers around the world that are life changing for communities.

Like, The Salvation Army Joytown Primary School for the Physically Handicapped in Thika, Kenya – where children who may have never survived are given so much love, care and hope. So. much. joy. 

4. You experience worship in a new way.

From gospel dances, to open airs, to praying, to learning your favorite hymn in another language. 

5. God breaks your heart for what breaks His.


The purpose of the Salvationist Service Corps is to give young adults the opportunity to catch God's heartbeat for the world (including their own part of the world) through service.

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