Commissioners Kelly and Donna Igleheart Installed as Territorial Leaders

Sep 28, 2022 | by Brad Rowland

Commissioners Kelly and Donna Igleheart Installed as Territorial Leaders

By: Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

An air of excitement filled the Atlanta Temple Corps on September 10 as the territory welcomed new territorial leaders as well as the Defenders of Justice session of cadets (see accompanying story). The meeting had the feeling of a homecoming as Commissioners Kelly and Donna Igleheart were welcomed back following their absence of seven years when they served in the Southern Africa Territory and the USA Western Territory.

The installation ceremony was conducted by past USA Southern Territorial Commander and USA National Commander, Commissioner David Jeffrey. "If you were advertising for a territorial commander, what would be in the ad? We're looking for someone who is close to God. Someone who is in love with Jesus and follows Him. We would be looking for people who have a passion for the gospel and a passion for souls. We're looking for people who love people more than they love their position. We are looking for people who are deeply passionate about Salvationism and believe that God raised up The Salvation Army and that it is God and God alone who sustains The Salvation Army. We are looking for people who have a good family life and a good marriage and serve as role models for these. We have found these.

"Let our hearts reach out to God to lift them up to heaven. The task is not small. It is strewn with the unexpected. They need our love, support, and prayers. Whisper their names to God in your prayers."

Following Jeffrey's remarks, the Iglehearts knelt at the Holiness Table to consecrate themselves to their new undertaking.

Following the installation, Territorial Sergeant-Major Jeremy Rowland challenged the Iglehearts on behalf of the soldiers of the territory. Based on the Shama found in Deuteronomy 6:5-6, Rowland issued three challenges: "First, listen to the Lord. Allow His words to sink in and generate your response. Listen to God's voice alone.

"Second, respond to what the Lord is telling you. Hearing and doing mean the same thing. We need strategy over statements. People are confused, questioning their faith, sexuality and even God Himself. People are hungry and homeless, racially profiled. What is our strategic response? We need biblical strategy.

"Third. Love the Lord and then your people. Not simply warm and fuzzy, but action in covenantal relationship. We need love in action. Love as Jesus taught us to love.

"We know you are ready to listen and act in response to God's Word. We commit to you to be co-laborers, sharing and building the Kingdom."

After expressing her gratitude to those she served with in the Southern Africa and the USA West, Commissioner Donna Igleheart spoke of how happy they were to be back home in the South. "What we experienced while we were away was life changing from the inside out. Now we desire transformation. What is God's heartbeat in us? In our territory? We are now on this journey together. We are a strong Army. We see a strong Army. But let me say, although we are grateful for your welcome to us, challenge us!

"We want to celebrate every heart that receives Jesus. We want to see every name across the territory of those who receive Christ. We want to see more than a number—a name for each one. We want to see others welcomed into the family of God. We want to be a light that shines in a dark place. We want to see everything through the lens of Jesus. With the Word of God as our compass, we ask the Lord to lead us forward."

Later in the meeting, Commissioner Kelly Igleheart brought the message with the theme, "All In" based on the story of Esther. "Esther and Mordecai showed up when the Jewish people were faced with annihilation. They were all in because of the urgency of the Kingdom of God. We may not be threatened by a king or president, but we live in an age when being a Christian isn't popular anymore. There are attacks on the people of God internally and externally.

"‘For such a time as this.' Those are no easy words to make you feel good. I hope you feel the same weight I feel. People are dying every day who don't know Jesus. Wake up every day with that burden on your heart. Are you all in? It's easy to stay home, chill, let others do it. But God calls you to be all in."

Then the commissioner showed a picture of a man doing a bellyflop. "This guy is all in. But I want you to notice all the people around the pool watching. He is all in. The rest are just spectators." It happened that the man in the picture was in the meeting. Commissioner Igleheart called him up for an impromptu interview that resulted in an expression of his desire to do whatever God wanted for his future.

Resuming his message, Igleheart shared his testimony of finding Christ in 1978 at the corps in Owensboro, Kentucky. "But I was a hokey-pokey Christian. First I was in, then I was out until the Holy Spirit came into my life with a second blessing. Then everything changed. I was adopted into that little corps family and although the officers had their impact on my life, it was the soldiers and local officers that made the difference to me.

"I don't know how to do anything halfway. I refuse to do it. It is a waste of time. Pray that you are all the way in, Salvationists. My calling is more vibrant than ever before. I believe in The Salvation Army more than ever before. Don't listen to the voices that are trying to splinter The Salvation Army. If you're not talking about Jesus or the mission of The Salvation Army, I may not listen to you. The Word of God and The Salvation Army brought me in and I'm not moving from there."

Following his message there was a beautiful response by those who came to the altar, each committing themselves to be all in.

The meeting concluded with a moving rendition of "The Blessing," accompanied by the young people from the Gwinnett County Corps performing a delightful dance, surrounding the Iglehearts to symbolize the prayers and support of the Southern Territory for our new leaders.

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