Commissioning 2023: ‘All In’ Friday night session

Jun 8, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

Commissioning 2023: ‘All In' Friday night session

By: Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

From June 2-4, 2023, Commissioning Weekend for the Reflectors of Holiness session was held at the Atlanta Temple Corps with the theme of "All In: Everyone… Everywhere—A Call to Evangelism & Discipleship Mark 16:15 ERV." Below is a recap of Friday night’s session, titled “All In.”

An action packed and event filled Commissioning weekend kicked off at the Atlanta Temple Corps on Friday, June 2 that culminated in the commissioning and ordination of the Reflectors of Holiness session of new lieutenants on Sunday, June 4. Launched by an exciting presentation of the vintage Salvation Army song, "Marching Along," the number enlisted the forces of the Southern Staff Band and Songsters, the Territorial Arts Ministry (TAM) and the combined sessions of cadets. From there the momentum continued to build, reaching a climax with the altar crowded with people responding to the multiple challenges they heard and experienced.

World Services Ingathering and International Focus

The annual World Services gathering resulted in a record setting total of $12,166,216, eliciting a heartfelt response from territorial commander, Commissioner Kelly Igleheart. "From our personal giving, to when we were corps officers, then divisional leaders and to territorial headquarters, we have watched money march in and out, like rivers flowing into a mighty ocean. We have been on the receiving end when we had no van to move our cadets (in the Southern Africa Territory) and the USA Southern Territory provided one. We have seen the countless babies left on the street who found a place of hope at the Ethembeni Children's Home. Fully 85% of the projects for World Services around the world are funded by the USA territories. Every gift, every widow's mite, quarter, dollar in the offering plate, makes a difference. Thank you is inadequate but we thank you on behalf of those we will never see."

Adding to the finances was the sharing of personnel: Major Minkee and Grace Kim, already departed for the Korea Territory and Majors David and Susie Erickson, soon headed to the Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory later in June. Adding to this were three teams of Summer Service Corps members headed to Japan, Jamaica and Florida respectively.

Below is the division-by-division breakdown, leading to the record World Services total:

  • Arkansas and Oklahoma Division: $490,479
  • Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi Division: $825,719
  • Adult Rehabilitation Center Command: $1, 814,445
  • Evangeline Booth College: $120,851
  • Florida: $1,907,526
  • Georgia: $539,709
  • Kentucky and Tennessee Division: $636,928
  • North & South Carolina Division: $1,369,913
  • Potomac Division: $1,849,484
  • Texas Division: $2,159,169
  • Territorial Headquarters: $394,672
  • Grand Total: $12,166,216

Challenge from Dr. Bill and Reverend Diane Ury

Special guests for the evening were Dr. Bill and Reverend Diane Ury who serve as Ambassadors for Holiness for the USA National Headquarters.

Using the story in Luke 8 of Jesus raising a little girl from the dead, Reverend Diane Ury said, "Despair is pandemic. We must be an incarnation of hope because the enemy's most consistent weapon is despair. It is rooted in the belief that we are all alone without friends so that we slip down into hopelessness.

"We must repent of the oozing narcotic of despair. Jesus expects us to live in this world in His kingdom of hope. Encourage one another. Believe nothing is impossible for God. Jesus wants to rule over anything that might bind us. Jesus said to Jairus, Don't be afraid. Have faith.'People laughed and that is why Jesus only allowed the faithful in to see the little girl. In the face of mockers Jesus took the little girl's hand and said, ‘My girl, I am strong. I am mighty. I rule. I am master.' In a moment God can rescue and sanctify you."

She was followed by Dr. Bill Ury who said, "I am challenged by what follows immediately after the story that Diane shared. In Luke 9 Jesus gathers the Twelve and challenges them to do what as He has done. Look at Jesus. Look at Him for holiness. They don't know what they're dealing with.

"Jesus kept pointing out to people how they were not like Him. I want you to be pardoned from your sins and from your heart sin. But the world says, ‘You can't take that from me.' We are too satisfied with touches when the Lord wants all of us. God is calling us into an ‘all in" salvation. How many holiness sermons do you need to hear? How many times do you have to see the Holiness cloth? If you want an ‘All In' Savior you need to be all in. You've been justified, pardoned, but have you been filled in every nook and cranny in your complicated life?"

The Spirit moved mightily as the meeting moved to an unhurried close.

For more information, photos, and to view streaming video of Commissioning 2023, visit the events portal by clicking here.

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