‘Curbside Carols’ deliver Christmas cheer in Texas

Jan 11, 2022 | by Brad Rowland

‘Curbside Carols' deliver Christmas cheer in Texas

In Dec. 2020, a brass ensemble formed by musicians from The Salvation Army launched “Curbside Carols” in and around Lewisville, Texas. The weekend initiative began as a ministry to support The Salvation Army’s year-round work in the community. The outreach continued in 2021, with the group playing three carols or Christmas songs at an outdoor location by request of a donor.

Over two weekends in Dec. 2021, Curbside Carols raised nearly $8,000 in donations across 31 performances. As it was in 2020, feedback was exceedingly positive about the program, particularly with a difficult year for many individuals.

"It's been really well received again," said Philip Burn, Bandmaster of The Salvation Army brass band in Lewisville and organizer of Curbside Carols. "The majority of people who scheduled us to play in 2020 returned for Christmas 2021. We've played for outdoor neighborhood parties, at retirement homes, and as a gift to friends who perhaps needed a little encouragement after a difficult year."

Though Curbside Carols was launched in part due to COVID-19 challenges, the initiative could return in 2022. Donors are thankful for what has been described as a “throwback” feel and, with the Christmas spirit combining with an uptick in fundraising for The Salvation Army, the outreach is an unequivocal success.

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