‘Daughters of the King’ turns EBC into a healing spa

May 30, 2018 | by Brad Rowland

‘Daughters of the King' turns EBC into a healing spa

By: Brad Rowland

In conjunction with the 2018 edition of "I'll Fight Day," cadets from the Evangeline Booth College hosted those in the Haven Atlanta program for a community event known as "Daughters of the King."

Prior to the assembly, the vision for the day of ministry was to provide cadets with the opportunity to be Jesus' "hands and feet" in the community. It was a learning experience for the cadet body, as well as an opportunity for women from Haven Atlanta to spend a relaxing and beneficial day.

"The true and heart felt purpose of the day was to allow the cadets to experience hands-on servitude in the name of the Lord," said Captain Luci DaSilva, assistant field training director, "and to allow Haven Atlanta's broken, healing children of God to feel the love for them that lives within His servants."

Haven Atlanta serves metro area women who have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation. Its mission is executed through prevention, education, case management and outreach.

Rooms on the EBC campus were organized with a spa in mind. One area provided facials, hand treatments, manicures, pedicures, make-up makeovers, hair braiding and haircuts. Elsewhere, sections were dedicated to arts and crafts, and prayer and meditation. Finally, a clothing room assisted women in both daily wear and items appropriate for a job interview.

Following an upbeat day, the cadets and women from Haven Atlanta gathered for a closing session that included a meal and a motivational message. The focus was on empowerment on all sides. A real sense of community, both in geography and with the Lord, pulsed throughout the gathering.

On the one hand, the unique opportunity provided future Salvation Army leaders – particularly in the area of anti-trafficking education and experience – exposure to a different world, with an eye on ministry and service. On the other, Haven Atlanta women came alongside the cadets. All were seemingly better for it.

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