From The Editor: Let Your Life be a Testimony

Oct 29, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

From The Editor: Let Your Life be a Testimony

By: Kristin Mudge

I've always felt a little embarrassed by my personal testimony. I hear of other people's miracle moments or of pasts filled with turmoil and hardship, and my life often seems easy and uneventful in comparison.

But my story matters just as much as that of the ARC beneficiary who found God's grace at his lowest moment. My experiences are just as holy and impactful as those of the towering giants in Christian faith and Salvation Army service.

I met God personally while playing in my grandparents' garden at the young age of four. From that moment I've known with full certainty that God is real and is just a prayer away. In my teenage years, when all my friends were questioning God's existence, for a moment I sent the message in my spirit, "Are you really there? Maybe you're not real after all…" And I was flooded with such an overwhelming sense of grandiosity and laughter that I haven't even bothered to try questioning His presence since. I know He would just chuckle at my absurdity.

To me, this story doesn't feel grand and transformative, but as someone once pointed out to me: how incredible is it that I've been able to live my life with the full assurance of God's love and grace at every turn! I've grown up in the knowledge that I'm not alone, that I'm loved and valued regardless of whatever the world tries to tell me — what a marvelous gift!

I'm learning that my life, blessedly uneventful as it has been, is an amazing testimony to a faithful and loving God. No matter what your story is, God has been with you in every moment. And our job as Christians is to live our lives leaning into that knowledge so that others can see what a life with Christ can be like. Your life is your testimony. Go live it!

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