‘Holy Love’ launched

Aug 17, 2022 | by Brad Rowland

‘Holy Love' launched

By: Major Anita Caldwell

For those of us who have heard Dr. Bill Ury preach, whenever he steps into the pulpit, we are ready for a message of holiness, but the heart of his message is holy love. To honor her husband, Rev. Diane Ury surprised him at the National Training Seminar opening banquet with a book titled, Holy Love: Essays in Honor of Dr. M. William Ury. Fourteen authors including Thomas H. McCall, David Buschart, Roger J. Green, Victor Hamilton, Dennis F. Kinlaw and others, submitted essays.

Dr. Ury was born in Taiwan, the son of United Methodist missionaries. He received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Asbury College in 1978, a Master of Philosophy degree in 1986 and Doctor of Philosophy degree in 1991. For 24 years he taught at Wesley Biblical Seminary and continues as a guest lecturer. He has been the guest speaker at conferences, camp meetings and The Salvation Army Southern Bible Conference. He has presented a weekly podcast for twenty-five years called "The Hour of Holiness" and today serves as The Salvation Army Ambassador of Holiness. Students he has taught serve around the world as pastors, teachers, and missionaries, influenced by his Wesleyan theology teaching. Many of his students now in Kenya, Norway, Japan, USA, and other countries have written messages on his behalf in the appendix of Holy Love.

In the words of his wife, Rev. Diane Ury, at the unveiling of this book, "His loving devotion to Jesus formed all areas of his life. For several years I have dreamt of creating a festschrift in honor of Bill's ministry. Bill's life of scholarship has been exceptional because of the way it was never separated from his commitment in his personal life to pursue living the reality of holy love." Essays include "Holy Love and Personhood," "Holy Love and Creation," "Holy Love and Human Nature," "Holy Love, and the Church" and many more. Dr. Ury was surprised at this honor and expressed his overwhelming gratitude to all who participated.

His children admire their father deeply, and you will find their witness in the final appendix. From his oldest daughter, JoAnna, "Holy love is watching my father change hundreds of his grandbabies' diapers. It's always being the last person to get food and then the moment a child is restless being the first one to offer to walk with them outside." From his daughter Maighdlin, "If you've had the privilege of meeting him, you know he lives with a passionate love for Jesus." From his daughter, Meredith, "When I think about how my dad embodies holy love, the word ‘generous' comes to mind. There is not one area of his life that he withholds from other people." From Seth, "He is my father, and I am his son. His love for me is good and true. He has never given up on crafting his love towards me in Holiness from the Father."

A humble man, Dr. Bill Ury seeks to teach and preach a clear message of holy living based in holy love. Those who know him, know this sincere love that can only be given by the work and indwelling of the Holy Spirit in a life surrendered daily. May each of us seek to live in holy love, bathed by the Holy Spirit, the giver of agape love.

To purchase a copy of Holy Love, please visit http://mytradesouth.com.

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