Hope marches on in wake of tornados

Dec 18, 2021 | by Meagan Hofer

Jessica Carver (pictured left) Barbie Tatman (pictured right) are Salvation Army Advisory Board members.

Hope marches on in wake of tornados

By: Bernie Dake

Barbie Tatman, a member of The Salvation Army's Advisory Board in Bowling Green, Kentucky, was in the process of returning from vacation as the devastating tornadoes neared her home. Her husband Dave, the family dog Beauregard and two horses were at the property hoping the storms would bypass without incident. Barbie was listening intently to WBKO, a local radio station, until they lost power and tried desperately to get in touch with her husband. With no answer, she feared the worst.

A tornado ripped right through their neighborhood and tore their home off of the foundation. In the black of night and while rain whipped down, Dave sought shelter in the basement of the home and hoped that he would survive, not knowing the fate of the dog or the horses. The volunteer fire department and neighbors were looking for any signs of life in the aftermath and were able to alert Barbie that the horses had survived with a few scrapes and bruises and upon returning from the hospital where Dave had been taken the dog was waiting for them.

For the next couple of days, no less than 30 people came alongside the Tatmans as they tried to salvage what they could. In the midst of the rubble, the family found a Salvation Army bell and it brought a smile to their faces as they realized that hope is not lost.

In fact, Hope Marches On in the wake of these tornados, in part because The Salvation Army is there to serve a "cup of cold water in Jesus' name." There will be pastoral care and emergency disaster assistance for as long as The Salvation Army is needed in and around Bowling Green, as well as across the region affected by these harmful tornadoes.

For the latest news and updates – visit disaster.salvationarmyusa.org

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