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Feb 25, 2016 | by Laura Poff


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On February 25, 2016, people across the world will join together in a social media campaign to raise awareness about modern day slavery. The End It movement is a coalition of the world’s leading organizations in the fight for freedom for the estimated 27 million people who are still trapped in slavery.

The Salvation Army became a coalition partner two years ago through a partnership between End It and the Haven ATL program.

“We are grateful to be a part of a coalition with so many incredible organizations on the front lines,” Hillary DeJarnett, Territorial Services Coordinator Against Human & Sexual Trafficking, said. “Raising awareness is the first step in getting people engaged in the movement,” DeJarnett said. “This campaign reminds me that there are still people who do not know that slavery exists today.”

Modern slavery usually falls into one of three forms: bonded labor, where someone is working to repay an often impossible debt, forced labor and human trafficking. Slavery is known to exist in 167 countries, including the US where incidents of trafficking have been reported in all 50 states and estimated 60,000 slaves are hiding in plain sight. The industry generates $150 billion annually. That’s more than the combined revenues of Amazon, Google and ebay.

The Salvation Army has been involved in the fight against trafficking since the 1880’s. The Southern Territory operates safe houses, drop-in centers, resotration homes and other programs that offer hope to victims of trafficking. Through annual participation in the End It movement campaign, the army seeks to remind people that this problem persists and to offer small things that can be done to help those affected.

“The goal is to shine a light on modern day slavery and get people to take action against it,” she said. “End It brings together thousands of people to raise their voices on one day.”

If you’d like to show your support, tweet a photo of yourself with a red X on your hand using the hashtag #enditmovement and, if you can, donate to the coalition to end slavery.

For more information on modern day slavery or to find ways that you can help, visit the End It Movement,

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