Love Knows No Borders: Territorial and Divisional Leaders Continue to Build Relationships with Mexico Territory

Nov 3, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

Love Knows No Borders: Territorial and Divisional Leaders Continue to Build Relationships with Mexico Territory

By: Ashley Escobar

75 years of partnership and the bond between The Salvation Army's USA Southern Territory and Mexico Territory only grows stronger. In early October, 25 territorial and divisional leaders from the Southern Territory travelled to Acapulco for Mexico's Territorial Women's Retreat. Amidst the celebration of our longstanding support for Mexico's 16 children's homes, an incredibly rare and beautiful moment took place: our officer women met their counterparts appointed to the children's homes, creating a tangible bridge through names and faces. This profound connection illuminated the genuine ties our leaders have to their respective assignments.

"As the week went on it was evident how God was moving through this experience. It was so very moving and beautiful to watch it all unfold," Commissioner Donna Igleheart, territorial president of women's ministries for the Southern Territory, recalls. "We witnessed God's faithfulness and provision at every turn, and I saw beautiful officers and staff become beloved sisters, and we saw each other in profound ways."

Following the time spent with the 450 beautiful delegates at the women's retreat, the group of US officers had the deeply impactful opportunity to visit the Acapulco Children's Home. Meeting the 13 vibrant children who reside there and witnessing the aftermath of a past earthquake provided clarity on how we can further amplify our support. While the environment radiated love and joy, we also recognized areas of need.

As we reflect on this journey, we feel a deep appreciation for the home leagues of the past and their unwavering commitment to supporting this vital ministry. We cherish our relationship with the Mexico Territory and look forward to many more years of wholehearted support for the children in The Salvation Army's loving care in Mexico, as well as a newly crafted bond with the incredible women of the territory.

"Those beautiful women with their perfect smiles, those precious children! The joy they expressed through their singing, dancing, and fervent prayers; how blessed we were by their presence," Commissioner Donna continued. "The tent pegs of our hearts have been moved, and our lives will never be the same."

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