Maxwells Guests for World Service Weekend in Charlotte

May 12, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

Maxwells Guests for World Service Weekend in Charlotte

Story and Photos by: Major Frank Duracher

Commissioners Wayne and Robyn Maxwell were featured guests at Charlotte Temple for its second annual World Service Weekend. Stationed at International Headquarters in London, the Maxwells are zonal leaders for the South Pacific and East Asia Zone, and are conducting reviews in Korea, Cambodia, New Zealand, and Tonga on this trip.

"Commissioners Maxwell are with us this weekend to share what is going on in their zone," explains Captain Michael McGee, Temple corps officer. "World Service Weekend is an annual event which we hope will encourage people to support the Army's work around the world."

Last year, the weekend had to be held digitally because of the pandemic. At that time, three territorial leaders from around the globe shared insights into their countries of where World Service monies go in the Army's ongoing mission and ministry.

"The Maxwells were in Hickory and Raleigh before coming here to Temple," Captain Michael says. "During our weekend, they met with our corps council on Friday night and spoke at a World Service brunch."

By introducing the Maxwells, CSM Eddie Laity challenged the congregation to consider "your tithe (which is ten percent), your offering (which is given out of love for God), and in addition, to generously support the Army's work around the world."

"When I ‘signed up' to be a Salvation Army officer, I only envisioned working in a lovely country corps somewhere in Australia," Commissioner Robyn Maxwell began her testimony Sunday. "I never anticipated that my calling would take us around the world." Experiencing firsthand the good World Service offering does in impoverished countries, she described their time as territorial leaders for The Philippines as the most vivid for her.

"The national slogan is ‘It's More Fun In The Philippines,'" she went on. "People think of The Philippines as beautiful beaches, hammocks, and lovely palm trees. But leaving the airport you are soon confronted by the extreme poverty, overpopulation, stifling heat, oppressive traffic, and children begging.

"However, Filipinos are an inspiring people who understand their relationship with God and with each other. While serving there, I really got a sense of what my World Service giving really means!"

Commissioner Wayne Maxwell's sermon, The Miracle of the Cross, was drawn from Luke 5:1-11, where Jesus miraculously provided a draught of fishes in response to Peter's obedience. The lessons we learn involve Listening to the Word; Learning through Obedience; and, Living by Faith.

"I wonder how many times we miss out on our experience of God's miraculous power by not ‘going out deeper' in our walk with Him—and ultimately finding His plan and purpose for our life," he concluded, "It's how we learn to ‘fish for people!'"

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