Messengers of Compassion session celebrates those who helped guide them at Silver Star Luncheon

Jun 24, 2019 | by Brad Rowland

Messengers of Compassion session celebrates those who helped guide them at Silver Star Luncheon

By: Brad Rowland

During a jam-packed Commissioning weekend, the cadets of the Messengers of Compassion Session paused to pay tribute to family members and mentors who have made a significant impact on their journey at the Fellowship of the Silver Star Luncheon on Friday, May 31.

"This event is really about you, the families and mentors," said Major Donna Israel, secretary to the Fellowship of the Silver Star. "The rest of the weekend will focus on the Messengers of Compassion, and there will be plenty of time for that. But we want to celebrate you and their love, and their thanksgiving for you in their lives."

The fellowship, created in 1930 by General Evangeline Booth, honors parents, designated spiritual parents, and/or mentors for their impact on the lives of cadets. New members are honored with a certificate and pin, with the opportunity for fellowship, recognition and reflection.

The luncheon included a moving testimony from Cadets Jae Sung Park and Hye Sung Yun, detailing the influence of their parents and other leaders.

"We want to take the opportunity to thank our loving parents and our mentors, who have led us here today," said Cadet Park. "With their guidance, we were able to live a life of obedience to God."

The Messengers of Compassion, offered a touching rendition of a song titled "Your God Will Come," while later bringing a vocal benediction titled "Compassion Hymn" to put a fitting punctuation mark on the worshipful gathering.

Before the luncheon concluded, however, Commissioner Barbara Howell, territorial president of women's ministries, acknowledged those being honored while also pushing forward with a challenge to everyone congregated.

"Can I ask something of you? Can I ask you to please pray? Please continue to pray for these new, soon-to-be lieutenants," said Commissioner Howell. "They aren't done with this journey called life. They haven't arrived. They're just starting a new journey. They are going to face, in serving out their calling, some challenges … but there will also be great celebrations. Please continue to be with them as they take on this journey. Please be with them through prayer."

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