My Calling – Lt. Liz Blusiewicz

Jul 6, 2017 | by Laura Poff

My Calling

By: Lt. Liz Blusiewicz

I feel as though I have shared my calling or my story many times since coming to The Salvation Army, but I praise God each time I do because I am reminded of how great our God is.

My story starts with a simple note card written at New Life Baptist Church in January 2010.

We were asked to write what we wanted to see God do that year in our lives. So as a junior music education major, I wrote at the bottom of my card, "Use my music skills for the Lord more at church and camps for kids."

God works fast!

I got an email that very spring from my trumpet professor asking me to work at a Salvation Army music camp. Of course, thinking of building my resume I replied, "yes."  Little did I know that notecard would change the entire direction of my life. I was born to be a Salvationist!

Fast forward about two years, and I was a soldier serving as a BFI (Blood and Fire Initiative worker) in Baltimore.

In August 2012, a close friend from my University was studying abroad in South Africa. I saw this as a great chance to see more of The Salvation Army. I could only afford the flight, but I went ahead and bought the tickets and prayed God would take care of the rest.

And boy did he ever!

I can still remember the exact day when I got my calling.

I stayed with Majors Wright in South Africa, people I never even saw before landing in Cape Town. Six people were staying in their four-room stucco house, and it was heaven on earth. While there, I never had need or want – the love was overwhelming. It was truly living in community.

One evening, when I was following Major Wright from the men's shelter back to the house, I heard God's voice.

He said, "This is it, Liz, follow him so that you can learn to come and follow me." I can still remember the smell, the sky, the mud on my boots.

God confirmed those words one week later as I was attending the first ever International College for Soldiers. There, as I literally walked in the footsteps of William Booth, the restless stirring in my soul confirmed this calling and within no time I was soon at Evangeline Booth College.

Commissioned as a lieutenant as part of the Heralds of Grace, session I am still learning to live and serve through undeserved grace. In the field, that grace must shape my every thought and action. These first two years as an officer have not been easy … the weight of sin weighs on every officer's heart reminding us to bend our knees and pray for the salvation of the world.

I am The Salvation Army!

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