National Commander’s Red Kettle Challenge helps to raise more than $1 million in four hours

Dec 8, 2021 | by Brad Rowland

National Commander's Red Kettle Challenge helps to raise more than $1 million in four hours

In late November, Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, national commander for The Salvation Army, announced the 2021 Red Kettle Challenge, aiming to raise more than $1 million in a single four-hour period. On Friday, Dec. 3, 117 locations across the United States participated in the challenge, ultimately raising $1,107,300.90 in just four hours.

“What an incredible impact all of this is going to have on the people that The Salvation Army serves in the United States,” said Commissioner Hodder. “God bless each and every one of you for participating, and for all of the work that you are doing right now. And thank you to all who are coming alongside The Salvation Army in this great work of serving neighbors in need. Together, we will ensure this year that hope marches on.”

Four challengers raised more than $100,000 each during the shift. More than 40 units participated from the USA Southern Territory, including eight of the top ten finishers in the competition. The winner was Nashville, Tennessee, with the Southern Territory units combining to raise more than $900,000. All funds stay in the local communities in which they were raised.

Here are the top ten winners:

  • 10th place – Captain Dustin Rowe in Phoenix, Arizona, raising $18,020
  • 9th place – Captain Stacey Connelly in Shawnee, Oklahoma, raising $24,838
  • 8th place – Captain Wendy Parsons in Cambridge, Maryland, raising $31,560
  • 7th place – Major Doug Burr in Rochester, New York, raising $54,828
  • 6th place – Major Stephen Long in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, raising $63,739
  • 5th place – Captain Ken Chapman in Orlando, Florida, raising $73,618
  • 4th place – The Advisory Board in Bowling Green, Kentucky, along with Captain Johnny Horton, raising $100,758
  • 3rd place – Captain Adolph Aguirre in McAllen, Texas, raising $107,031
  • 2nd place – Captain Claudia Meads in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, raising $129,534
  • 1st place – Jay Servais and Majors Ethan and Sue Frizzell in Nashville, Tennessee, raising $276,252

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