NCV Division adds three honorees to wall of fame

Aug 20, 2020 | by Brad Rowland

Lt. Colonel Carolee Israel unveils the photos of the three latest inductees recognized for exceptional service within the NCV Division.

NCV Division adds three honorees to wall of fame

By: Major Frank Duracher

Three honorees were added to the "Salvationist of Distinction" wall in the chapel at Camp Happyland in the National Capital-Virginia Division. Lt. Colonels Mark and Carolee Israel made the surprise unveiling near the conclusion of the retirement celebration for Majors James and Lois Allison.

Lt. Colonel Jack T. Waters was the first name announced. Waters, regarded by many as the "father of music conservatories" throughout the Southern Territory, was supposed to be added in 2019, but his decline in health last autumn and subsequent Promotion to Glory in November intervened. A similar unveiling with the colonel's son, Keith, in attendance was planned, appropriately, for NCV's 2020 Music Conservatory but was cancelled because of COVID-19. That event would have appropriately marked the 30th anniversary of the NCV Music Conservatory, the NCV divisional commander told the audience.

Majors James and Lois Allison were also honored, cited by Lt. Colonel Mark Israel for the couple's great work in corps and divisional appointments in NCV spanning a lion's share of their 43 years of service as Salvation Army officers.

The Allisons are known throughout the territory for establishing relationships with people of all ages in the hope of reaching them for Jesus. Major James Allison calls that mindset, "Keeping the main thing the main thing."

"Every goal asked of them was accomplished during their tenure at the Hampton Roads Area Command, including leaving the area command debt-free," Lt. Colonel Mark Israel added.

At the conclusion of the rationale for each of the honorees, Lt. Colonel Carolee Israel uncovered the beautifully framed photo, to the boisterous applause of the audience.

When the upcoming consolidation of the NCV and Maryland-West Virginia divisions on October 1, 2020, occurs, the present Salvationist of Distinction wall will be "locked in," and on the opposite wall of the chapel a new chapter recognizing the exceptional service within the newly-formed Potomac Division will begin.

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