Paying tribute to Divisional Man of the Year recipients

Jun 27, 2019 | by Brad Rowland

Paying tribute to Divisional Man of the Year recipients

Five divisions in the USA Southern Territory recently paid tribute to distinguished men by announcing their Divisional Man of the Year recipients at divisional men's camps. As shown below, these men are serving their corps, their divisions and The Salvation Army in many ways.

Robert Krebs — Florence, Alabama — Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi Division

Robert Krebs is a living example of a servant of God. He helps with every event at the corps and asks for nothing in return. He was recently named the safety sergeant and makes sure that the building is safe and efficient when in use and secure when closed. He assists daily with the after school program and makes sure the children receive their snack and that the facility is clean after they depart. He also helps with the setup and cleanup for women's and men's ministry programs. He also helps with midweek services. Robert fills in as needed with custodial services at the corps and the Center of Hope. He is an excellent volunteer bell-ringer and helps in any way he can with the kettles. He also pitches in to help pick up and unload daily donations. He stands ready to do whatever God opens the door for him to do. The Salvation Army is blessed to have

Michael Schlichting — Russellville, Arkansas — Arkansas-Oklahoma Division

To say this man is active in the corps ministry would be an understatement. He has touched virtually every aspect of corps life, including the hearts of those in the corps. He is always encouraging youth, he started a youth worship band, takes the kids to Divisional Arts every month and volunteers with the DARTS Band, teaches nursery lessons and memory verses, takes care of the kids in the nursery most Sundays and Thursdays, and he helps every week with youth programs. Michael is very active in Russellville's Men's Club, and he volunteers to help with cleaning, yard work, painting and helping secure and collect donations. He helps with kettles and Angel Tree, fundraisers, and he preaches as needed. He is an active member of Corps Community Ministry. He has even helped with the Family Store by doing pickups, helping with our rag deliveries, moving furniture and recycling old electronics. All of that is just the tip of the iceberg … there are many things that don't even fit into a category. The Russellville Corps would not be the same without Michael.

Felix Quinares — Marietta, Georgia — Georgia Division

Felix Quinares is involved in many aspects of the corps. He is a Bible study teacher, character-building program teacher, involved in canteen ministry, Men's Club president, corps cells leader, and he is involved in visitation ministry. He is a driver for corps pickups for various corps programs, a Sunday school teacher, and he does maintenance and landscaping as well as painting and repair in the corps. He is a volunteer bell-ringer and a volunteer helper at VBS. One of his greatest ministries is that he consistently invites people to church and offers them transportation. Felix is the substitute drummer for praise and worship, and he does pastoral care and leads devotionals. He also has made himself available to be with corps members during difficult times. He is always at Men's Camp and encourages others to come. Felix accepted Jesus as his savior at The Salvation Army and became a soldier. His wife is also a soldier and his children are junior soldiers. He is an example of a good and faithful soldier, father, husband and servant. He always wears his uniform with respect and dignity. He has a good testimony of Jesus Christ in him.

John Travers — Frederick, Maryland — Maryland-West Virginia Division

John Travers is one of those rare soldiers which every corps desires and needs. He is a pillar in the Frederick Corps, always a source of support and encouragement. He is an active musician and bandsman and plays bass in the praise band. When the corps officer is not at rehearsal or present on a Sunday, he takes an active role in leading the band. John can be found at the back of the chapel on Sunday, making sure the audio-visual equipment is in working order. He takes time to train the young people to run the sound board and presentation material. He is always looking for ways to help others and make sure that everyone has a great worship experience. John is a great husband and a caring father to his twin teenage girls. He is truly the spiritual head of his household and makes sure he is setting the right example for his family. He is known and well-respected across the division. He practically grew up at Camp Tomahawk and is a great asset to the camp. The Frederick Corps treasures this man of God who takes his walk seriously.

Joe LaSalle — Concord, North Carolina — North-South Carolina Division

Joe is the corps sergeant major, and he is involved in every aspect of the corps. He is a driver for pickups, a Sunday school teacher, Men's Club member and Adventure Corps leader. He records the names of the seekers on Sunday, as well as the number of people attending all corps meetings. He is also Concord's social services director, providing oversight for shelter and social services ministries. Joe makes himself available to preach in the absence of the corps officer and conducts the mid-week Bible study when needed. He is a wonderful witness to the corps people, shelter residents and anyone who comes in for assistance at the social services office. A kind-hearted man who gives of himself willingly and abundantly, Joe is a godly man who loves and serves the Lord with all that he has.

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