Restoring Hope and Community One Meal at a Time

Nov 10, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

Restoring Hope and Community One Meal at a Time

By: Latonya Griffin

As I stand in the bustling kitchen at The Salvation Army, surrounded by the clatter of pots and pans and the aroma of simmering dishes, I can't help but marvel at the purpose behind every action. It's a place where compassion and sustenance blend seamlessly, and a smile and a kind word can change a life.

My journey with The Salvation Army began unexpectedly. I stumbled into this role just over a year ago, starting as a volunteer during Angel Tree around Christmas. From there, I found myself drawn into the heart of the organization–the kitchen! The Salvation Army has been ministering through meal service for over 150 years, and we excel at it.

When one of the leaders approached me about the job, I had doubts. Could I truly make a difference? Was cooking enough to create change? However, talking with my family and hearing my mother's encouraging words solidified my decision. The kitchen coordinator role would be far more than a job for me; it would be a ministry.

The kitchen is a connection point of hope and healing, not just through the food we serve but through the relationships we form with our guests. My responsibilities range from cooking and meal planning to sitting with our clients while they eat, listening, and speaking words of hope over their often desperate situations.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is witnessing the impact a warm meal can have on someone's life. Often, I witness the transformation in their demeanor as they sit with others and enjoy good food and conversation. Something as simple as sharing a meal creates a sense of normalcy in their lives and rekindles hope for the future.

The clients we serve come from all different walks of life, and their tastes are as diverse as their stories. Elderly visitors often request classic comfort foods like beans and cornbread, while the younger folks love Italian dishes. Each dish we create reflects the sense of home and community we strive to provide.

As I navigate the challenges of limited resources and changing donations, I have learned to adapt and make the most of what we have. Sometimes, we have to wait until we have enough of a particular ingredient to create a full meal for everyone. And then, on rare occasions, we may receive a special donation, like filet mignon from a local restaurant! It's a celebration for both the clients and our team!

But the impact of The Salvation Army extends far beyond the walls of the kitchen. It's a ministry of hope, reaching out to those in need, providing a meal, a word of encouragement, and a sense of belonging. Our work is not just about feeding empty stomachs; it's about nurturing souls and fostering a community of care and compassion.

I never imagined that I would find myself in the role of a kitchen coordinator, yet here I am, loving the ministry of serving meals and sharing hope with our community. My hope for the future is simple: to continue making a difference, one meal at a time, and to be a beacon of light for those who need it most.

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