Retirement: Majors David & Debbie Cope

Jun 25, 2020 | by Brad Rowland

Majors David and Debbie Cope receive their retirement certificate from Commissioner Philip Swyers.

Retirement: Majors David & Debbie Cope

By: Major Frank Duracher

Majors David and Debbie Cope enter honored retirement "So Very Thankful, Incredibly Grateful, Unbelievably Blessed"—the theme for their retirement service held at the newly renovated corps building in Waynesville, North Carolina. The Sunday morning service consisted of two events: the dedication of the building extension  and the retirement of Majors Cope.

The twofold worship service was led by Lt. Colonel Ron Busroe, with Commissioner Philip Swyers conducting the retirement ceremony. Lt. Colonel Jim Arrowood and Major Jerry Friday served as flagbearers. Commissioner Pat Swyers offered the dedicatory prayer.

Other program participants included Lt. Colonel Linda Arrowood, Analeigh Pulver, Tim Overcash, Milo Ayen, Major Rick Mikles, Major Roger Coulson and Captain Susie Graf.

David and Debbie Cope entered the Evangeline Booth College from Sherman, Texas, in 1981 as members of the Heralds of Hope Session. Commissioned with the rank of lieutenant in June 1983, their first corps appointment was to Freeport, Texas. Following an appointment to Pasadena, Texas, they went on to serve as corps officers in Ocala and Lakeland, Florida; Lynchburg, Virginia; Macon, Georgia, and Waynesville. Two divisional appointments as youth leaders took place in the Arkansas-Oklahoma and North & South Carolinas divisions.

They have four children: Hayley (John), Billy (Stephanie), Bobby (Baylie), and Josh (Sally), and five grandchildren (Ethan, Anna, Ayden, Owen and Wyatt). Their home in retirement will be 2540 Long Branch Road, Del Rio, Tennessee, 37727.

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