Ronnie Murchison Releases Bilingual Worship Album in Partnership with The Salvation Army

Feb 23, 2017 | by Laura Poff

Ronnie Murchison Releases Bilingual Worship Album in Partnership with The Salvation Army

By: Chris Benjamin

In 2015, Ronnie Murchison released a bilingual worship album with The Salvation Army titled "Break Through." To discuss the creation of the album, the origins of his musical gifts and leading worship in both Spanish and English, Murchison was a guest on Wonderful Words of Life from his home in Corpus Christi, Texas. The program featuring Murchison airs on Feb. 19.

"I don't believe that worship can be confined into one direction or even one language. It's really important because Spanish is a big part of my life, and I'm grateful to be able to worship the Lord freely in both languages," Murchison said.

Murchison knows that within The Salvation Army there are many Spanish-speaking soldiers, officers and volunteers. He finds it important and necessary to minister to people in their native language and worship with them freely. He has even discovered that in doing so, much of the English-speaking congregation looks forward to learning Spanish through worship.

Murchison said he is grateful to have seen the "Breakthrough" album come to fruition.

"The concept of the project was the idea of coming through what we've been through all the years; struggles with various things to actually break through to the full plan of what God has for my life," he said.

During the recording of the album, Murchison began each day with his devotional time. One morning he began to hear this phrase over and over from the Lord, "I'll break through." As the phrase evolved, he began to call the musicians and singers up to the piano as this worship song began to take shape.

"Literally nothing but the hand of God putting it together like right then… It was an awesome time and experience that still lingers with me today," he said.

So, when you listen to this album and hear the title track- know that the people you are hearing are singing this song for the first time. They are simply worshiping freely as the Lord moves their hearts.

You can find this album on iTunes by searching for Ronnie Murchsion.

You can listen to this episode or hear an extended version of the interview with Murchison by subscribing to Wonderful Words of Life on iTunes or your favorite podcast store. For more information, visit at

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