Salvation Army Family Store opens in Tampa’s Town ‘n Country

Sep 9, 2019 | by Brad Rowland

Salvation Army Family Store opens in Tampa‘s Town 'n Country

By: S. Richard Hodder

The new Salvation Army Family Store & Donation Center opened Aug. 3 at 8519 W. Hillsborough Avenue, Tampa, Florida.

During the store's ribbon cutting ceremony, Majors John and Katherine Reed, Tampa ARC administrators, emphasized the good that the six Family Stores are doing in the communities of Brandon, Lakeland, South Tampa, Tampa, Town ‘n Country and Wesley Chapel. Majors Gary and Elizabeth Wilson, who lead all 23 adult rehabilitation centers throughout the USA Southern Territory, also welcomed the store's first customers.

Named for its location, the Town ‘n Country Family Store promotes the Tampa Bay Area's sustainability efforts to care for the environment by recycling items people no longer want. What once was taking up valuable storage space in homes and businesses can now be donated to the store to be recycled and in turn keep more gently used items from being transported to waste collection sites.

The store also enables people on tight budgets to purchase necessary items they normally could not afford. For example, many clothing items, some manufactured by name brands, cost only a few dollars. In addition, when people shop on any Wednesday, they can buy clothes, shoes, belts, ties and linens for 50 percent off their normal prices during the weekly Family Day Sale.

Besides serving donors and shoppers patronizing the store, the revenue generated helps those who have lost the ability to care for themselves. Ravaged by substance afflictions, people can rebuild their lives at The Salvation Army Tampa Adult Rehabilitation Center without having any out-of-pocket costs. The store's funds help cover all their expenses at the ARC for up to one full year, where they participate in a long-term, faith-based, 12-step, residential rehabilitation program to receive the aid and education needed to transform into productive members of society.

At the Tampa ARC, hurting people find a safe place to heal their broken lives. Over 40 percent of the residents stay at least six months to graduate from the basic rehabilitation program. Living in a clean, wholesome setting with compassionate staff and sponsors to lean on, 195 women and men get a second chance to become healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Richard Hodder is the community relations and development coordinator for the Tampa ARC.

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