Salvation Army World Services Report: Nigeria

Jul 6, 2022 | by Brad Rowland

Salvation Army World Services Report: Nigeria

By: Major Ray Cooper, territorial overseas project officer

One of the great disciplines of serving within the ranks of The Salvation Army is the gift that is given to each of us to in turn support our Army brothers and sisters around the world through our World Services effort. The territorial office of Overseas Projects exists to process such requests and to give financial assistance to these projects. A portion of our annual territorial campaign is reserved to support these ventures. 

On behalf of a grateful international Salvation Army, thank you for your support, both financially and prayerfully. 

NIGERIA – Solar Energy Project for THQ and Officer Training College

In the Nigeria Territory we recently had the opportunity of supporting their project to generate solar energy for the territorial headquarters and officer training college in the city of Lagos. 

Under the leadership of Commissioners Daniel and Tracey Kasuso, the ministry of the Army in Nigeria covers 192 corps with 21,685 senior soldiers and 8,259 junior soldiers. At the officer training college, 49 cadets are currently preparing for full time service as Salvation Army officers. 

Business activities that survive on electricity have been dwindling as the result of the Nigerian government's inability to provide a constant electricity supply. Thus, generated electricity is rationed. Every location or environment in Nigeria has a number of days and hours they are allocated to have electric light in a week. Still, constant power supply for the allocated few days and hours in a week is not guaranteed. 

The Nigerian THQ experienced an over 200% increase in electricity tariff. Where the average monthly electricity bill for THQ in 2019 was 400,000 naira (US $966), recently that cost has risen to 1,500,000-naira (US $3,623). By year-end the cost is estimated to reach 2,000,000 naira (US $4,830).

The territory invited a few solar energy experts to carry out a survey of THQ facilities. Their recommendation is that THQ should be powered with solar energy, which should put an end to the exorbitant electricity bill and diesel consumption. 

The solar energy proposed to be installed consists of, and is not limited to the following: 

  • Solar PV panels and inverters. 
  • Web and mobile application for energy metering and monitoring. 
  • Complete installation fee. 
  • Solar lead-acid battery/battery storage system. 

God is working through The Salvation Army! God is working through our communities! God is working through you! God is working through this territory! During the month of June, we traditionally take a moment to express our deep appreciation for the generosity of soldiers and friends of The Salvation Army for helping make such an incredible difference through choosing to sacrifice something in your life, which enables you to GIVE to Salvation Army World services. 

Thank you, and God bless you!

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