Southern Territorial leaders prepare for High Council

May 1, 2023 | by Brad Rowland

Southern Territorial leaders prepare for High Council

By: Lt. Colonel Allen Satterlee

Commissioners Kelly and Donna Igleheart, territorial leaders for the USA Southern Territory, have received their summons from the Chief of the Staff to participate in the High Council as it convenes on May 21. In its international news release, International Headquarters (IHQ) stated, "Recognized as a deeply spiritual occasion as well as being a legal requirement, the High Council offers the international leadership of The Salvation Army the opportunity to elect the man or woman of their choice to lead the Army for the next five years. Every active Salvation Army officer is eligible to be elected as General."

Reflecting on the heavy responsibility that he and Commissioner Donna face, Commissioner Kelly Igleheart shared the following:

In preparation for the High Council, both of us were called to the International Leadership Council held last October in Vancouver. It was an amazing experience that allowed us to engage with leaders from across the world. While there was an IHQ agenda, the opportunity to meet global leaders also provided time to share ideas and for engagement. Sadly, most of the African leaders were not able to attend because of the denial of visas from Canada. It was unfortunate that the African leadership could not meet and engage the other world leaders. It is worth noting that 75% of the world leaders attending this High Council have never attended before. This may also require intentional networking.

We have also read ‘Inside A High Council’ by General John Larsson. This book, available to all Salvationists, is an excellent introduction to the history, culture, and the process of electing the next General. Of special note is the highlight of the deep spiritual tone of the meetings and the full participation of the delegates.

As for me, the responsibility and the privilege to participate in a High Council is overwhelming and weighty. The presence and leading of the Holy Spirit is preeminent to us. It is helpful to know world leaders. It is a requirement to recognize the days and times that we live in and to understand the global Army perspectives. It is impossible to arrive at a vote without the leadership of God the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, I am well aware of concerns that Salvationist may have regarding biblical orthodoxy and our mandate to uphold the tenets of our faith. These truths alongside our doctrinal positions provide excellent guideposts to steer our Army clear of modern day narratives and practices that seek to divide many. Join me in praying for all those who will be gathered for what will be another critical point for God's Army and our territory's mission to love, serve, and disciple all people.

High Council Timeline

  • TUESDAY 4 APRIL The Chief of the Staff formally issued summons for the High Council.
  • THURSDAY 18 MAY High Council members are welcomed to Sunbury Court.
  • SATURDAY 20 MAY The Welcome to the 2023 High Council takes place in London.
  • SUNDAY 21 MAY High Council members share together in worship at Sunbury Court.
  • MONDAY 22 MAY High Council formally commences. When the High Council is in session, daily news bulletins will be published here.
  • DATE AND TIME TO BE ANNOUNCED The President announces the new General-elect and the news is live-streamed around the world.

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