Ten Influential Salvation Army Women

Mar 8, 2016 | by Meagan Hofer

Happy International Women’s Day! The Salvation Army would not be where we are today if it weren’t for these women. Be inspired today and know that you can make a difference exactly where you are – don’t be afraid to do bold things in the name of Jesus!

  1. Catherine Booth the co-founder of The Salvation Army. She believed in the potential of female ministry as a powerful tool to reach new audiences. Catherine is also celebrated for her commitment to social reform, her advocacy of better conditions and pay for women workers in London’s sweated labor, notably in the match-making industry.

    “If we are not to better the future we must disturb the present.” – Catherine Booth

  2.  Evangeline Booth the first female General. She expanded the Salvation Army’s social service programs and was largely responsible for the volunteers who served as chaplains and “Doughnut Girls” during World War I.
    “It is not how many years we live, but rather what we do with them.” – Evangeline Booth
  3.  Eliza Shirley started the work of The Salvation Army in the United States at 17 years old.
  4. Clara Chase opened The Salvation Army training college in Madras, India during a time when Indian women were not allowed to do public work.
  5. Florence Booth formed The Salvation Army’s Women’s Ministry in 1907 with the mission to build up the home life of women.
  6. Mrs. William Grant Brown was the first ever Women’s Auxiliary President. More than 400 women organized the Women’s Auxiliary of The Salvation Army Rescue Home in 1912. One of their chapter’s biggest projects was installing a new operating room with modern surgical equipment at the Army’s rescue home.
  7. Mabel Broome  was the first African-American officer commissioned in the Army’s Central Territory. One of her roles was serving as a “slum sister” officer in Chicago, IL.
  8. Helen Purviance had a desire to bring spiritual care and relief to soldiers during the war and braved the war front to do so in the form of a donut.
  9. Alida Bosshardt fled occupying German forces in The Netherlands to protect the scores of Jewish children in her care during the Holocaust.
    Alida Bosshardt
  10. Eva Burrows known as “the People’s General” had an affinity for everyday individuals, people were her passion. She’s known as one of the greatest leaders of Salvation Army history, a visionary who made bold decisions.
    eva burrows2


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