The Mission Station Diner

Mar 18, 2016 | by Meagan Hofer


A diner that serves breakfast three times a week, provides bagged lunches and laundry services for free – sounds pretty awesome right?! The Mission Station in Greenville, North Carolina started four years ago and is currently run by a retired Salvation Army officer, Major Floyd Langley. The most basic tools help make this food service happen – two microwaves and a griddle!

The Mission Station serves an average of 70 meals per day it’s open. A local neighborhood in the community has come together to provide bagged lunches each Wednesday for individuals to take on the road. Those who come through the door who may need additional assistance are referred to the local Salvation Army Social Services. This program would not be as successful, if it weren’t for the dedicated volunteers and work study students from the surrounding colleges.

Mission Station is such a wonderful example of how it only takes a little to do a lot! Wherever you are today, whatever project you’re thinking up – GO.FOR.IT!

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