The Salvation Army focuses on transformation through music in Martin County, Florida

Jun 17, 2021 | by Brad Rowland

The Salvation Army focuses on transformation through music in Martin County, Florida

By: Brad Rowland

Musical ministry has been a vital cog of ministry since the infancy of The Salvation Army. In that early period, worldly songs were often coopted for kingdom work, with The Salvation Army taking advantage of familiar "bar tunes" to grab the attention of onlookers, only to repurpose the songs with lyrics fit to spiritually challenge soldiers and offer praise to God. In celebration of that spirit of musical worship and mission, The Salvation Army of Martin County, Florida recently held an outdoor concert complete with stirring music and inspiring history.

The concert, held in an outdoor venue in Stuart, Florida, took place during National Salvation Army Week. In addition, it marked the 30th anniversary of The Salvation Army's work in Martin County, with Captains Jeff and Sheena Marquis, corps officers, overseeing the event.

A 12-piece ensemble, comprised of Salvationist musicians from across the area, performed a variety of brass selections. Dr. Nathan Miller, professor of musicology at Asbury University and a dedicated Salvationist music leader, shared extensively on the role of music in The Salvation Army's work, both past and present.

"One of our big focuses was sharing with people that The Salvation Army believes that not only can people be redeemed, but things can be redeemed," said Captain Jeff Marquis. "For instance, music can be taken, even if meant for evil, and turn it into good, and The Salvation Army is an example of that."

In conjunction with a spirit of worship and praise through music, there was a focus on the transforming work of the Holy Spirit, and the Army's ability to aid in facilitating that redemption.

"We tried to focus on the transformation that can happen with people, as well as the transformation that can happen with things," Captain Marquis said. "Music is a big part of that. We believe anything can be redeemed for good and wanted that to come across."

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