The Salvation Army’s Camp Hoblitzelle welcomes YMCA seniors

May 10, 2019 | by Brad Rowland

Camp Hoblitzelle welcomes YMCA seniors

Camp Hoblitzelle is so much more than a summer camp. In fact, the camp and conference center facility is used year-round to host Salvation Army church camps as well as private rental groups including churches, school and universities.

Vestana Wollos, who is 106 years old, has been attending the Texas Division Older Adult Camp for around 20 years. She was excited to participate in the four-day camp, held at Camp Hoblitzelle in March, with 12 of her friends from the YMCA in Dallas. Her initial introduction to the camp was through a friend who knew the local Salvation Army officer who arranged for them to attend.

"This is my vacation," said Wollos. "Since I got so young I don't travel so much anymore. I always liked to travel."

Instead of swimming, ziplining and canoeing, the senior campers enjoy alternative activities on the camp schedule that include bingo, arts and crafts and fishing. When asked if she had been horseback riding, Wollos laughed. "What? I'm not going to get that close to the horses. That's not my cup of tea."

Community partnerships are important to the Army, and the older adult campers from the YMCA are a great example of that. The women enjoyed their time at camp, relishing the opportunity to fellowship together and meet new people. "The food was good, but they fed me too much," said Wollos. "I don't get time to get empty, and it's already time to eat again!"

A highlight of the week was Prom Night on the final evening of the camp. The campers were each invited to vote for their prom king and queen. After the votes were counted, Miss Wollos, at the grand old age of 106, was crowned Prom queen.

"I've enjoyed myself this week and love being around my friends and other people," said Wollos. "The Salvation Army is an important organization, it's a beautiful thing, how they help other people."

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