Tithe.ly: A new way for Salvationists to give

Jun 29, 2020 | by Brad Rowland

Tithe.ly: A new way for Salvationists to give

By: Dan Childs

New options for the giving of tithes and offerings are available to Salvationists in the Southern Territory. The Tithe.ly website provides a means for online giving to the corps of one's choice.

A component of the Corps Management System, Tithe.ly was originally intended for rollout in the corps later this year, but it was decided to make it available when the COVID-19 pandemic caused the closure of corps throughout the territory, thus complicating the customary giving process. The Corps Management System, which helps regulate attendance, memberships and giving, has been implemented across the territory over the past several months.

"People have been saying for years, ‘I don't write checks anymore. I wish I could tithe electronically," said Major Jerry Friday, territorial mission and cultural ministries secretary. "The need for has been there – the Army knew that and made it part of the Corps Management System. COVID was the motivating force. We wanted everyone to be able to continue to tithe."

The Tithe.ly site, used by many churches and denominations, asks the giver to set up a personalized page to be used whenever a donation is made. Tithe.ly allows the giver to direct his or her tithe to the corps of their choice and offers the option of drawing the funds from a designated bank account or charging to a specified debit or credit card.

The corps is charged a small fee for each donation it receives, but the giver has the option of paying the fee as the donation is made. The amount of the fee varies according to the card used by the giver to make the donation. Other options are available, including the ability to set up a schedule for tithing if desired or to give by text message. Also, Tithe.ly offers an option for mobile kiosks where congregants can donate in the corps lobby or other convenient locations.

A receipt is emailed to the giver after each offering, and a year-end statement is provided as well.

The Tithe.ly website includes a detailed Help section that addresses topics that help both the giver and the corps administrator.

Would you like to know more about tithing and its importance in the Christian walk? A recent Salvation Army Words of Life podcast addressed tithing in "The Hustle," an 11-week series on finance that is available at salvationarmysoundcast.org.

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