‘Warriors Session’ artwork marks two milestones

Apr 22, 2022 | by Brad Rowland

‘Warriors Session' artwork marks two milestones

By: Major Frank Duracher

Salvationists of America's Greatest Generation that helped win World War 2 continued to serve God and others in peacetime, with a spirit of evangelism that remarkably is still evident today.

In fact, it will be for a very long time.

At the Evangeline Booth College (EBC) a special stained-glass window achieves a significant milestone in June 2022, as well as a source of remembrance for members of the Warriors Session commissioned in 1947. This year's commissioning marks that session's 75th anniversary. The artwork was dedicated in conjunction with the Warriors' 50th year; so, this June commemorates 25 years of cadets inspired by it.

"Our training session was the first one after World War 2," explains Lt. Colonel Orville Salmon, "in fact, I believe a third of the 64 cadets in the Southern Territory that year had served in the military during the conflict."

Taking note that the name "Warriors Session," chosen by General Albert Orsborn was likely a nod to Salvationists that fought on both sides in the war, the colonel admitted he had no proof to that claim, "but it makes a lot of sense."

The stained-glass dedication was conducted in 1997 by the (then) Southern Territorial Commander, Commissioner Kenneth Hood, and supported by General Eva Burrows—who was guest speaker for the Warriors Session reunion earlier that morning.

The window, located in the narthex of the Luce Chapel at EBC, was funded from a Warriors Session Gift Endowment, which also funds the annual "Warriors Session Spirit of Evangelism Award" for an outstanding cadet.

The window's design features a waving Salvation Army Flag and a globe, representing the Army's mission and ministry around the world. Various scenes of people highlight William Booth's vision for The Salvation Army. The initial design was suggested by a discussion between Lt. Colonel Bill Crabson (then training principal) and Lt. Colonel Fred McClure.

The layout concept was done by Linda Holz with refinements and color by Father Methodius Telnack of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. The brothers of that monastery produced the window; stained-glass window projects being one of their means of income.

The term "Spirit of Evangelism" has embodied the Warriors Session these seven-and-a-half decades. And because of this impressive stained-glass window at the training college, it will continue to inspire future sessions of cadets even after the remaining three surviving members (Lt. Colonel Orville Salmon; Commissioner James Osborne; Lt. Colonel David Mulbarger) enter Glory.

"That was our intention when the project was conceived—as a memorial to our Warriors session mates as well as generations of Salvation Army officers yet to come," Salmon says.

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