Website offers territory helpful resources for spiritual development

Oct 23, 2020 | by Brad Rowland

Website offers territory helpful resources for spiritual development

By: Brad Rowland

Charged with the responsibility of fostering spiritual life in individuals across The Salvation Army's USA Southern Territory, the Spiritual Life Development Department now has a public-facing website. The site, which can be found here, exists to assist individuals in their spiritual life in Christ through obedience, prayer, Scripture, service and fellowship.

Each of those five elements are highlighted on a different landing page within the website, with Scripture-based descriptions to accompany them. From there, the website is also a hub with countless resources and links to upcoming events.

"Our goal is to develop spiritual life in our territory, focusing on growing roots deep into the soil of God's love and producing fruit or actions produced by the Holy Spirit," said Lt. Colonel Dean Hinson, territorial secretary for spiritual life development. "The web site will allow us to assist our soldiers and officers to grow spiritually – as well as our employees and volunteers.  We want to equip them with the necessary tools to develop as disciples of Jesus Christ."

The site features the option to submit prayer requests that Lt. Colonel Hinson indicates "will come directly to (his) email inbox." Other segments include a weekly devotional and the potential for a territorial Bible study in a virtual format.

Within the events section, registration information is available, including for a virtual Holiness Seminar hosted by the Florida Division on Saturday, Oct. 24. From a resource standpoint, a booklet titled "Naming Your Desire" provides a personal retreat for praying, dreaming and planning to thrive. The resource section also includes a link to the Holiness Podcast, presented by Soundcast, as well as blog posts from Lt. Colonel Hinson.

With the Christmas season approaching, Lt. Colonel Hinson provided a charge to the officers and leaders of the territory, illuminating the importance of keeping spiritual matters front and center.

"We all recognize the critical importance of developing our spiritual lives – keeping the focus of all we do on Jesus Christ," said Lt. Colonel Hinson. "As you enter this very special and demanding time of the year, know you are in my prayers. Don't allow the pressures of ministry to overwhelm you and tempt you to neglect your spiritual life."

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